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Hi im Kaitlyn ^^....

im in the 12th grade of school and art is an ecsape from everyday life to me... whenever i get the chance to do it anyway.... Im looking to get better at my art... and this year i am focusing on it more than i ever have

I like drawing and gaming

I dont like peas ;p...

I do put up at other than pokemon haha... im just a nerd :)
if you ever wanna battle with me my friend code for black is:
Zeke - 4513 4892 3433

I do like the battles to be fair... so i will talk about set levels and stuff :)

Couples i totes ship:

Batman: Harley and Joker Joker and Harley Stamp by 1Bitter1SugarMixed

Alice in Wonderland: Hatter and Alice WCMI Fanclub Avatar by Anti-Dark-Heart

Kingdom Hearts: Axel and Roxas +AkuRoku Stamp+ by Twilight-Deviant

LoZ: Link and Dark Link Stamp Test by RoseMei

Pokemon: Red and Green GreenxRed Stamp by KuroiMamoru (please, please, please dont call Green, Blue... Blue is the girls name and Green is Gary's original name... sorry it's just a pet peeve...)
N and Touya Isshushipping stamp 2 by cheetahprince

Dragon Age 2: (male) Hawke and Fenris :thumb208185321:
(i dont like the female Hawke much... :I)

Harry Potter: Lily and Snape snape and lily stamp by laur-star

and many more!!!

Request Open Stamp by SquirtleStamps Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot Anti Sakura Stamp by Treeweaver ED stamp by mastersara Encyclopedia Dramatica stamp by mymunchies Please don't by RigidSlut Stop with that shit by Clelius Stamp: Nuzlocke Challenge Love by starfire-wolf If a disorder makes you overreact... by daigonite slytherin stamp. by stamp-me
Dont Hug Me I'm Scared Stamp by arcanehalo
-sigh- so i got tagged by :iconcritexmind: so lets get into this!!

1. How you see the world? Black & White or Grayscale?
nope, sepia-tone :P

2. If a character of yours suddenly came to life, who and why? And what would you do with them?
this is a hard question, you see i have a few characters and i would love to have them all to come to life
i can't pin just one -cries- i might need to sleep on it

3. Which trait, do you think, identifies you?

4. Favorite drink? And why?
Green Mother, the love i have for energy drinks is forbidden D':

5. Tell a chracter (from anywhere) you think people get wrong and maybe why, if you want.
ah shit, i would have to go with :iconsasukekunplz:, sorry fangirls, this prick wont end up with Suckura or Naruto, just sayin'
stop with the ooc, its drives me mad, i know this sounds silly but he's fine as the character he is

oh and MLP, stop ruining all the fandoms with ponies, so done, fuck them off

6. If you travelled back in time and made your grandparents never meet, what do you think would happen?
well lets... -fades from exsistance- 

7. Do you like my comics or do you just like to look around?
im a lurker dude haha, love the stuff you produce :P

8. Accents! Do you have a favorite one?
Irish or German and of course British

i do hate on cartoons how they over do an australian accent... feels like nails on a chalk board -cringe-

9. FPS, MOBA, RTS, RPG or another?
RPG preferably open world

10. Tell anything you want to say!
what didnt the fox say?

aiight so i am now meant to just write some up? kay

1. who would you prefer to run into? Jeff the Killer or Slendy?

2. do you have a song you love, but people seem to hate? its ok, i wont tell anyone :D

3. so if you had the chance to torture Justine Beiber or Miley Cyrus, just for the pleasure of knowing that they are no better than others who would you pick? and how would you torture them?

4. Pokemon gen 7 is announced! what type of pokemon would you put in there?

5. you have to either live with a Twelvie (general definition of one…) or a crazy brony, which would you pick?

6. Magic the Gathering or Pokemon Trading Card Game?

7. would you rather to be able to fly? or breathe under water?

8. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, If a woodchuck could chuck wood?

9. if you had to pick a day that would repeat itself over and over, what day would you choose?

10. you got to meet you favourite character, who are they, and what would you do?

i know i suck at good questions haha
now for tagging (you may have already been tagged for this, i appologise in advance)

again sorry if you have done this already, buuuut what can ya do? 
  • Mood: Worried
  • Listening to: Let It Go from Frozen... notsorry
  • Reading: a book, dunno which one yet though
  • Watching: youtube vids
  • Playing: GTA V (when i get the time)
  • Eating: last thing i ate was Maccas chips (very sorry)
  • Drinking: Solo :I

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FYI: it's fixed of Red and Mario fighting…
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